Thousand of foreigner tourist and Vietnamese people gathered in Bui Vien street which is called “Western Town” in Ho Chi Minh city to welcome new year. Everyone shouted for joy, danced and wished best things in new year together by many languages.

Australasian tourist said: “ I really enjoy here. Thank you Ho Chi Minh”

American tourist shared: “I don’t know they’re so friendly ever like, they’re so together. It’s huge difference”

Australasian tourists shared: “We’re very happy. We’d had great time. Saigon is great city. Happy new year”

Mr Alexander – Holland shared: “new year here, yeah… excellent…really nice…it’s a good experience…”

Have a look amazing moment of welcoming new year of tourist in Saigon

Vietnamese people are always friendly and hospitable. Coming to Vietnam in general and Saigon in particular, you won’t feel lonely, conversely, you are friendly welcomed no matter when time is like new year or Christmas, etc.. Travel to Vietnam, travel to Ho Chi Minh city.

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