One of the most thing in making travel plan is hotel reservation. After long flight, you want to receive good room to rest and start journey exploring new places. There are many hotel advertisings when you search on internet, but which hotel matches your desire. An Nhien Hotel Apartment will give the following useful tips of hotel choosing to make you lucid decision.

Hotel Location

Hotel location is the key factor of your travel. You should choose convenient places as central city hotels in Ho Chi Minh city (district1) to visit a lot of famous landmarks like Notre Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon , Ben Thanh market, City Post Office, etc easily, near Tan Son Nhat airport hotels (Tan Binh district) to rest comfortably after long flight, and if you like location which is not only unanimated but also convenient to go city center, you should choose suburb hotels or near central city hotels (Binh Thanh district).

Booking hotel as soon as possible

Whenever you travel with any kind of hotels, you should book hotel as soon as possible. The best time is 60 days before a day of departure. At that time, you can choose the best one at the cheapest price. From that time, your hotel reservation is more difficult. If it’s too close holiday date without hotel booking, there will be 2 cases: one is no one is available, two is to pay more expensive than normal price. Therefore, you should make plan as soon as possible and choose good one.

Prestigious brand hotel, clear commitment to service quality

Don’t be cheated by beautiful pictures, because sometimes they are unrealistic, you’re shocked to see they’re opposite with what you see on website. Then, you will be in a dilemma because you have already paid or loss cancellation fee, spend time to find another one at higher price, or even you can’t find any room in that time, so you must accept it unpleasantly

Standard service confirmation

Although it seems like there is enough information on website, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask host or receptionist which things you don’t know clearly like whether room has free bottle water or laundry service is free, or toilet is private.

Reserving hotel via trusted website

You should book room via official hotel website to find out information fully and get lower price if possible. However, if you can’t find website of that hotel, you can book via trusted booking sites or recommend site from your friends instead of searching on internet. Normally, the reliable hotel brand will have good website providing useful information to tourist.

Ask unavailable information on website

If hotel website doesn’t mention any services, you should ask them seriously. For instance, you’re able to get extra pay for dirty floor, or increasing the number of people in the room

See review and voted star of hotel

Before making final decision, you should spend time to see reviews and voted star on booking sites like Agoda, Booking

Come to An Nhien Hotel Apartment, you will experience fully modern facilities like exact information on website, 100% commitment at the affordable price in convenient location to visit Ho Chi Minh city.

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