Why do foreigners love to live in Vietnam? Let An Nhien Hotel Apartment find out the reasons.

1. Foreigners love to live in Vietnam because it is easy for them to find good accommodation at a good price. There are many options available at different prices so that they can find their best accommodation to suit their budget, interests and job.


2. Vietnam is a developing country and open to new opportunities, so it is easy for expats in Vietnam to find jobs or start a business. The most popular job that foreigners often choose is foreign language teacher.

3. Vietnamese cuisine is very special, coming from many different cultures of regions in the country and other countries around the world. Prices for meals in Vietnam are also varied from basic to high-end, so foreigners who love to live here have no trouble finding delicious meals for themselves.

4. Due to low cost of living in Vietnam, it is easy for foreigners living here to balance their finances. Even their income here may be less than other countries but their saving accounts are usually higher. This is also one of the important reasons foreigners choose Vietnam as a place to live and work.

5. Vietnamese are very friendly with foreigners. They always smile, are open-minded and comfortable with friends or clients who are Foreigners. Therefore, when living in Vietnam, foreigners will feel as warm as their homeland.

6. Vietnam stretches in an S shape with many beautiful beaches. This is a very unique feature of Vietnam. Foreigners who love the beach will definitely find these beaches for their short vacations.


7. The climate in Vietnam is relatively comfortable compared to other countries in Europe, America and Australia. The weather is warm all year round, with rains coming and going very quickly, so foreigners prefer to live in Vietnam longer.

8. Vietnam is a peaceful country with few conflicts. People here are also more gentle than many other countries.

9. In Vietnam, you can easily find many different cultures from different regions, creating the urge to explore for foreigners.

10. A very special feature that makes foreigners love to live in Vietnam is the use of many motorbikes, which they are difficult to find in other countries. They enjoy the unique feeling of traveling around the alleys easily on motorcycles.

11. In Vietnam, foreigners will be surprised at the different types of markets ranging from food, home appliances, fabrics, carriages, birds ... and even a love market where one can find their wives/husbands.


12. As mentioned above, many foreigners come to Vietnam to be foreign language teachers. It is worth mentioning here that Vietnam has great respect for those who work as teachers. This is also a reason that makes it easy for foreigners to decide to live in Vietnam.

13. In Vietnam, nightlife is very diverse, especially in big cities like Hanoi, or Ho Chi Minh City where a lot of foreigners are living. Many fun activities and entertainments are held to let people relax after a working day. Depending on your financial ability, you will easily find a favorite thing for you.

Of course, there will be other reasons for foreigners to live in Vietnam, for example: they have relatives here, work requires them to come here, ... In addition, there are still things that foreigners dislike: garbage, traffic, noise, flooding, electrical wiring ...

Understanding the things Foreigners like and dislike is the basis for Vietnam in general and foreign service providers in particular to be able to improve their business performance.


As a serviced apartment company, An Nhien Hotel Apartments has built business locations with different segments and prices, so that foreigners can easily choose. At the same time, the business locations of An Nhien Hotel Apartments are concentrated in places with many restaurants around or near the market, near the sea; especially avoid flooded areas and always pay close attention to clean guest’s accommodation.