Are you planning to build a house for rent? And do you think building serviced apartments for rent in HCMC will help you get a good income? Do you know many people who have invested a lot of money in construction, but it is difficult to find customers? The following tips will help you to solve this headache problem. You just need to invest in exactly what your customers like. And you will see, not only has the investment costs decreased significantly, but it is also much easier to find tenants.

  1. You should choose to build serviced apartments for rent in the central districts of Ho Chi Minh City: District 1, 2, 3, 4, Phu Nhuan, Binh Thanh. Districts 5, 10, 11 or Go Vap should only be the second choice. Choosing the good locations for your serviced apartment building in the above districts will help you to find customers easierly with better price.

Building a serviced apartment in Ho Chi Minh City 1

  1. While building a serviced apartment for rent, you should pay attention to equip a bathtub in the toilet. In case, the area allocated for the toilet is not enough to put the bathtub, you must find a way to design a glass partition between bathroom and toilet to ensure the toilet area is always dry. This will make customers to feel clean.

Building a serviced apartment in Ho Chi Minh City

  1. Bedroom in each serviced apartment should have separate partition from other areas, and the bed must be arranged at least 1m6, if 1m8 would be better. With the same usable area, an apartment with bedroom partition will have a 15% -20% higher price than an apartment without bedroom partition.

Building a serviced apartment in Ho Chi Minh City 2

  1. It must have upper with lower kitchen cabinets while building serviced apartments for rent. The area of serviced apartments are usually small so the kitchen area is often distributed quite modestly. However, no matter how modest it is, the kitchen cabinet must not be shorter than 1m5, and must have enough upper and lower sets. This makes the apartments both more luxury, and enough space for tenants to store furniture and carry.
  2. Priority should be given to the layout of the premises so that all serviced apartments are built with balconies or at least large windows allowing natural light to enter each apartment.

Building a serviced apartment in Ho Chi Minh City 3

In addition to the above points, the construction of a serviced apartment cannot ignore the following details:

  1. The doors to the apartments should be soundproofed to ensure the privacy for customers in each apartment.
  2. Should arrange yellow lights in apartments to bring warmth.
  3. There should be a hanging fan in the room to create airiness for the air in the apartment while also saving electricity for the air conditioner.
  4. The paint color used for the serviced apartments’ walls should be neutral colors: cream white, light gray white because it will easily suit the majority of customers but also makes the building spacious and clean.

These are notes that An Nhien Hotel Apartments got from the reality of working with many serviced apartment tenants at An Nhien Hotel Apartment. Building a serviced apartment for rent based on existing needs will save us a lot of time and money and bring efficiency to the investment.