You bought a plane ticket, packed your stuff and prepared to go to Vietnam but you still don't know where you will stay. If you don't have a friend or relative who can let you stay, you need to start looking for a place to rest for you. So how can you find a good accommodation in Vietnam as an Expat?

Depending on your personal circumstances and the reason you become an Expat in Vietnam, you will have different options for yourself.

  1. You find a place to stay before you arrive through OTAs (Online Travel Agencies): Airbnb, Agoda, Booking. In order to find good accommodations for expats in Vietnam through these channels, you must specify the location you want to stay and consult previous customers' reviews to decide. Or if your friends or relatives are nearby, ask them to do a reality check, help you to take video, pictures. In addition, you should not book for a long time, try it a few days before deciding to extend or look for another place. Because you don't know what your residence really looks like, if the area is large enough for you, what your neighbors are like, ...

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  1. You can stay for a few days temporarily at motels, hotels near the center. This is a great opportunity for you to make new friends who are also newcomers like you and a chance to look around.
  2. If you decide to stay for long term, you need to begin your journey to find good an accommodation for an Expat in Vietnam based on the following ways as:
  • using of OTAs channels;
  • asking your friends who have been here longer to recommend reputable brokers or cute hosts they know;
  • posting your needs on facebook through the following groups:


  1. Your accommodation needs should be detailed, clear: budget you are willing to pay, where you want to live, what housing conditions you would like to have (bathtub, balcony, parquet, large sofa, ...).

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  1. Ask your brokers and landlords to submit pictures, location, prices, services included in the price, charges other than the price. Then choose where you want to view and make the decision to rent. You should take the time to look at minimum 3 places to have a more accurate comparison and decision.

  1. As an Expat is looking for a good place to live in Vietnam, it is advisable to work with landlords or brokers who can communicate with you in a certain common language. There will be a lot of issues to discuss before and after you rent your accommodation.
  2. You should choose a place with full furniture and services because you are a new Expat in Vietnam, you still do not understand the market, you do not know the good suppliers to be able to buy the necessary items for my new home. Moreover, shopping will cost you a lot of time and money.

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Here are the tips to help you in finding a good place for you. An Nhien Hotel Apartment is also a reliable choice for expats in Vietnam. We have a variety of locations to accommodate your different needs at reasonable prices. In addition, we are ready to advise on issues that a newcomer to Vietnam might be surprised. Communication and prompt response to your requests, ability to speak English fluently are our strengths.