Moving to a foreign country is never easy for Expats in Vietnam. You have to adapt to the environment, the people and the new life here. You may feel excited about new opportunities and experiences, but sometimes when a foreign language or strange food surprises you, you become homesick and lonely, so much so that you just want to book your first flight of the day to return to your homeland. These moments are known as culture shocks. So how can Expats in Vietnam overcome them? Let's learn the following tips:

1. You understand that the difference is normal. Even people who frequently travel between countries and are extremely open-minded can face culture shocks. Don't assume you're doing something wrong. Those shocks are just a sign that you - the expats are slowly adjusting to life in Vietnam. Many people assume that culture shocks happen only when moving from continent to continent. In fact, they happen in any country that you've just set foot in, even if it's a neighboring country.

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2. You should learn common Vietnamese sayings. Let's start with the simplest words like: hello, thank you, please, ... This both helps you to feel familiar like being at home and shortens the distance between you as a foreigner and a Vietnamese.

3. You will learn more about Vietnamese customs and habits to avoid falling into confusing situations. For example: how to say hello, how to say goodbye, the difference between regions ..

4. If you feel homesick, call your family. If you are depressed or lonely, show your feelings with your close friends. Do not keep those negative emotions inside but share them with friends and relatives, you will feel much more comfortable.

5. You should take your time to explore Vietnam. There will be many beautiful natural scenes waiting for you. And you will feel excited about the scenery around you. In addition, you should also spend time for meeting local people, this is an opportunity for you to make new relationships and familiarize yourself with the customs and the language. Vietnamese people are known for being hospitable and friendly with foreign friends.

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6. Do not be impatient to quickly adapt to the culture in Vietnam. You have to go through 4 stages:

- Honeymoon: you feel full of love and enjoy every moment when you has just moved in.

- Crisis: you start to face worries, boredom, difficulties.

- Recovery: you gradually understand the differences.

- Adaptation: you get used to your differences and your life goes into orbit.

7. As long as you always see life as a journey and any difficulty is only temporary. Then you will find the one that suits you best.

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These tips can help you, the expats living in Vietnam, quickly get used to culture shocks. And one day, you will love our Vietnam as your homeland. At An Nhien Hotel Apartment, we are always happy to accompany you in efforts to overcome difficulties and obstacles that you often encounter when you first come to Vietnam: accommodation, work, travel problems, handling unexpected situations,…