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Pham Ngoc Thach Street has been virtually unchanged. The far side is the back of Notre Dame Cathedral. The building on the right before 1975 was the Student Union, now is the headquarters of the Youth Union. This street had been called Blan Sube in the French time, after that, the Saigon government changed it to Duy Tan.
Duy Tan Street became romantic when it was appeared in the lyrics Return to darling, university skyline by musician Pham Duy. Prior to 1975, there was a Law School (now the University of Economics in Ho Chi Minh City), close to the University of Architecture, a time of student dating.

Le Duan Street in the heart of District 1, is one of the oldest streets in Saigon. In 1871, the road was named Norodom, for the Independence Palace at that time called Norodom Palace. By 1950, former Emperor Bao Dai established the government, placing the capital in Saigon, the Norodom Palace was renamed to the Independence Palace and Norodom Road was renamed to Thong Nhat Street.
After April 30, 1975, the Provisional Revolutionary Government renamed the Independence Palace to the Reunification Palace and the 30 April Street. By 1986, General Secretary Le Duan died, and the People's Committee of HCMC decided to change its name to Le Duan Street.

Nguyen Hue was too familiar with many generations of Saigoners, connecting City People's Committee with Bach Dang wharf. In the beginning, this street was only a canal that brought water from the Saigon River into Gia Dinh City under the name Kinh Lớn. Then, the French filled the canal, paving the way with the original name of Charner Avenue in 1887.
By 1956, the Republic of Vietnam government changed its name to Nguyen Hue Boulevard. The street became the busy flower market in every spring of Saigon. In 2004, the Ho Chi Minh City People's Committee restored flower street. In April 2015, the road was renovated to walking street Nguyen Hue.

Dong Khoi Street before the unification date was named Tu Do. In the French name, its name was Rue Cartinat. The photo is the intersection with Ton Duc Thang Street, at the Majestic Hotel. This is one of the busiest streets of the city because of the concentration of luxury shops, hotels, shopping centers.

The outstanding buildings on this street are: HCMC Opera House, Continental Hotel, Grand Hotel Saigon, Caravelle Hotel ...

Ham Nghi Street is located near Ben Thanh Market. Like Nguyen Hue Street, the road named the Nguyen Dynasty was also a canal. Around 1870, the canal was filled into a road, called Conton. By 1920, it was called de la Somme Boulevard. In 1955, the government changed to Ham Nghi Boulevard.

In the French time, Tran Hung Dao street was named Galliéni. After 1955, it was renamed as today. The road was started by the French as soon as Ben Thanh market opened in 1914 to connect with Cholon and completed two years later.

At that time, there were only two roads connecting Saigon with Cholon: Lower Road (a pair of Ben Nghe / Can Huu Canal - French called arroyo Chinois) and Upper Road (Cai Quan Road- now Nguyen Trai). When Tran Hung Dao Street was completed, connecting the two busiest areas would help the city to develop.

Before 1975, Ton Duc Thang road was called to Cuong De. The road runs along the Saigon River, next to the Ben Bach Dang Port Park. Prominent on the street is the statue of Tran Hung Dao pointing down the Saigon River, built in 1967.

Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, formerly known as Cong Ly and French colonial period, was named Macmahon. Today, Cong Ly Bridge across the Nhieu Loc canal still retains its original name. On the way, there are some famous buildings such as the Independence Palace, Vinh Nghiem Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh City People's Court ...

Dien Bien Phu Street today is wider than half of a century ago because it is the gateway to the city. This road is quite long and intersects many of the city's roads. Previously it was called Legrand de la Liraye, then changed to Phan Thanh Gian.

At the end of the road adjacent to Hanoi Highway (before 1975 was Bien Hoa Highway). It was a modern facility in 1960s, invested by American and connects Saigon to the eastern provinces.

Phan Chu Trinh Street, on the side of Ben Thanh Market in 1967, is not much different than the present one with its ancient rows still intact. This block was built by the Ann's family in 1912 for business.

Nguyen Thiep Street, 90 meters long, is one of the shortest streets in Saigon but very familiar with the people. The road has witnessed many ups and downs in the history of the formation and development of Saigon since the French. The old road was named Carabelli and has been renamed as today since 1955.

Truong Dinh street runs across Tao Dan Park. The two sides of the road are rows of oil soaring, soothing shade. Prior to 1975, the road named Truong Cong Dinh, later reduced as today.

Phu Nhuan intersection today is the intersection between Hoang Van Thu (before 1975 Vo Tanh) with Phan Dinh Phung, Nguyen Kiem (before 1975 the name Vo Di Nguyen). In the Republic of Vietnam, this area belonged to Gia Dinh province, which was the main gateway to the heart of Saigon.

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